Persuasive Essay: Golf, Is It A Sport

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Golf, Is It a Sport Some people say golf is just a game and you don’t need to be athletic to participate in it. However, there are many facts supporting the idea that if you play golf, you are considered an athlete. A game is considered an activity that is played for self pleasure and enjoyment only. On the other hand, a sport is a competitive activity in which precise skill and athleticism is needed to achieve success. First of all, it is unarguable that when you play sports calories will be burned. It is proven that in golf more calories are burned than in gymnastics, bowling, and table tennis. All of which are all considered sports. Second, college athletic departments classify golf as a sport. Therefore, you can get a scholarship to a college for golf. Lastly, professional golfers are considered athletes and athletes play sports.…show more content…
As a matter of fact professional golfers don’t use a cart and they play 18 holes three times in one weekend. So, if that’s the case than golfers would burn about 180 more calories than gymnastics. Which is equivalent to about 30 more calories burned every hour. Also, it burns roughly 100 more calories than bowling burns every hour as well. All of the sports that were mentioned are classified as sports and golfers are getting more exercise than gymnasts, table tennis players and bowlers. Next, college athletic departments consider golf a sport. Which means it’s under the authorities of the NCAA also known as the National College Athletic Association. This classification deems you eligible to receive a scholarship from participating schools. In fact, 294 men each year receive a division 1 scholarship for golf. As well as 238 scholarships for women's division 1 golf. In addition, if you accept a scholarship to play college golf than you receive the title of a student
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