Persuasive Essay: Guns Don T Kills, People Kill People?

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Phillip Givens Sara T. Egger ENGL 1302 26 February 2018 Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People What is gun control? How do we attempt to control it and to what degree? Do we make all guns illegal or only automatic rifles such as the AR-15 for example? What about the 2nd amendment and the constitutional right to bear arms? Debates on gun control are often frayed with heavy emotions and personal opinions. Not for lack of good reasoning, especially when statistics show that 40 percent of Americans know someone who was either fatally shot or committed suicide with a firearm (The Trace, 2017). However, before you form an opinion on statistics alone, try using simple logic and common sense. Imagine you’re out walking through the shopping mall or even perhaps the local neighborhood Walmart and you see an overly obese person. Someone so overweight that you must move out of their path because you both can’t fit side by side walking down the aisle at the same time. Have you ever thought to yourself, how can someone let themselves go on to gain so much weight? Whether it be from unhealthy eating, medical conditions, to just plain old bad genetics, the list of reasons why could go on forever. You could even rationalize it by thinking it’s the person’s fault for not exercising, eating junk food, or just eating too much

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