Persuasive Essay Homelessness

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Introduction: No shelter homeless - not a homeless! Homelessness has nothing to do with a lack of shelter. Homeless definition: "an inexperienced connectivity with the family or community," (Dominic Map stone).The fact that is now recognized as a habitat, the United Nations human settlements programme. If the problem is the lack of the shelters for the homeless shelter, why don 't all always full? In winter they are more busy more shelters won 't solve the problem. So often I see people shake a bunch of keys in the street, they face with a big smile, said: "I have a place. But in the end, most of the time they spend on the streets anyway because they just didn 't know others better than other homeless people and an empty room is very lonely. Homelessness is the lack of connectivity. Belong to place belonging to others. Such as belonging to one family or the local community. The biggest social population first world country, experience homelessness is, in fact, the elderly is houseful. Often a spouse has died, their children live in a distance. They feel lonely and abandoned the people living in the streets. Institutions including the prison or the center of the juvenile justice people often feel lonely, or more accurately experience homelessness only they have contact with other people than other prisoners" homeless "become part of their lives. These people work a soup kitchen or shelter streets. Imagine, only contact pay have contact with you! This is chronic homelessness.

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