Persuasive Essay Homeschooling

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Before the 19th century, many children received education at home by working in a family business or running a household. It was temporary discontinued shortly after establishing the free, compulsory education system. In the 1960s, John Holt, an American educator, questioned about the education system and began to advocate the education of children at home by their parents. Some parents in America followed Holt’s suggestion several years later, and it gradually spread to countries in Europe. This alternative education is generally known as home education in the United Kingdom or homeschooling in America.

There are still a lot of debates about whether children should be educated at home by their parents nowadays. In my opinion, I think that children should be home-schooled.
Homeschooling can be tailored to fit the children’s ability and learning style. Every child has his own speed in learning new knowledge, which mainly depends on the children’s ability. At school, teachers have to take care of a group of students at one time and teach according to the general learning speed of the students. They may not understand their students well because their time spending together is limited at school. Some talented students may find these lessons boring and cannot pay attention at class, while some with learning disability find it hard to catch up with normal students as they do not have sufficient support from their teachers.

For example, a gifted student in Year 9 can finish
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