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Homework has been around for a long time, but do the growing numbers in homework really help students, or would they be better off without it? Homework generally stresses students, and the stress isn’t good for their health. A teacher (Dan Gottlieb) did a survey and asked her students if any of them were stressed from their homework and 90% of her students admitted to being stressed from their homework. Homework also deprives students from sleep, sometimes they have other things to do after school and end up doing homework until late at night. Even students who have good sleep habits are generally sleep deprived. Homework provides kids with stress, sleep deprivation, and ruins their social lives and should be highly modified. Homework has been around for a long time, so there must be some reasons as to why they haven’t gotten rid of it completely. It can help by practicing what you’ve learnt in class and covering more material in a year. Homework helps make sure students can understand the concept without the teacher having to lead them through the steps. In a previous meta-study in 1989 Duke university found that high schoolers have much…show more content…
The 10 minutes per grade level rule is made up for students so they don 't do too much homework. It says that you have to do 10 minutes per grade per day. So if you were in 8th grade then you would have to do 80 minutes of homework per day. Teachers should also stop setting homework in a row, if they have just collected in homework, they shouldn 't just immediately just set more. Teachers should acknowledge the fact that students have other teacher 's homework to do. Some students have real problems with homework and all teachers are doing by setting more in a row is giving them more to stress over. If teachers modify their homework like this then it would improve students academic achievements

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