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The majority of adults go to work for eight hours a day, then go home and spend time with their friends and family. They have time to do these things because oftentimes, they do not have extra work to do at home. The inestimable amount of homework given to students each week precludes the opportunities to do everyday activities. Although one of the main aspects of school is homework and the majority of teachers assign it each night, there is an ongoing debate about whether it is advantageous. Some say that homework is beneficial to students because it gives them more practice on the content they are learning, however, studies have proven otherwise. Schools should eliminate homework because it deteriorates both physical and mental health and it lacks the ability to improve grades. To begin, homework dominates and pushes aside any time for physical activity. In the article Excessive Homework Strains Family Life, the author starts by writing about what students are missing out on due to homework; one topic she mentioned was exercise: “Kids who don 't have time for play and recreational activities, such as softball teams or dance, just don 't get to move around a lot—and there is evidence that exercise actually helps with academics” (Ponte Homework takes an exponential toll on students, which causes some to forfeit their sports in order to finish their assignments timely. In addition to losing the time for physical activity, being on sports teams allows children to

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