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After a eight hour long day of working at school, all of the kids get released to go back to their houses. What most kids do is they get home and they relax and do other activities that they want to do. But later that day most people have extensive amounts of homework that they have to do. On Wednesdays kids may have religion and other things like sports to do and when people have a lot of homework like Brayden and Prescott have to deal with homework from Religion and School it can be stressful. Now some people do it right when they get home but most kids like Prescott can 't do it right away because they have to relax because they “are tired” from the big day of school. School is like a bucket filled of work and stress being dumped onto you and you can 't do anything about it. On the other hand kids may have lots of activities like sports or something else to do with the family and it can get hard to fit all of the activities they have to do with school work. Lots of kids everywhere have homework and lot of people get stressed over it. The homework you have is a lot of times a grade and if you don 't get it done because of other activities you had to do you can be punished. Lots of kids say that we get lots of homework because the teacher talks about a lot of other things for the project or whatever they are doing and we don 't get to the work that they had to do on that day. Today in this paper you will find out what kids have to go through everyday. What do you think?

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