Persuasive Essay Homework

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Homework is a necessary aspect for students learning abilities. It helps students prepare and understand what they need to become more intellectual. It also provides knowledge and the more knowledge a person acquires the better because, as stated in the article “Knowledge is the Key to Success,” the more a person knows the easier it is for them to handle whatever problems life throws their way (“Knowledge is the”). Homework brings academic achievement and shows the value or knowledge between students. The more knowledge a person acquires the more opportunities and doors will open. Homework has good effects on many people such as the student who are learning form it, teachers who are seeing if students are understanding the objective or not and also the parents who can see what their kids are being taught. The more homework Cosumnes River College students are getting is good because homework helps students incorporate learning by relating different skills into one thing, such as book reports or science projects which help students understand and comprehend the course objective; because homework teaches students to take responsibility for their work, while organizing and managing their time wisely; and because it improves the students creative thinking and they develop good study skills to help them in the future. Homework helps students in many ways and it allows students to understand what is being taught to them. Homework is a big part of
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