Persuasive Essay Homework

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Homework is a concept that every students want to abolish. Since childhood, students have grown up like homework is their sibling that brings nothing but anxiety and stress. Learning inside of the four corners of a room is such a one big opportunity and resource that you deprive someone to have. Learning and understanding a lesson tackled in a certain course can ease the homework given after the lesson; thus, every second is a chance for a student to learn, now, are your every second well spent? By means of homework, some conform while some students do not, some students are independent while some students depend, and some students have their value in integrity while some students cheat. Is homework still makes a student be the good student that homework always wanted?
The essence of why professors give homework is to give their students a practical application of the new knowledge learnt. Asking and wandering about the lesson just undertaken are the most terrifying things to happen hence, having a difficulty on doing homework. The moment that you are present in the learning ground means that you should make the most out of it, you should never let a split second of confusion pass by but instead, ask your professor and clarify things. But nowadays, students love Romanticism that they tend to love the opposing side of the main goal of a certain concept. Students think that homework given by their professors really makes no sense and should be taken for granted. With that
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