Why Is Competition So Important To You Essay

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When I was younger, I was in a competition in gym class. I was in a class with my cousin, who was more athletic than me. We were playing a game of dodgeball that my team was losing, I threw a ball and my cousin started to bring attention to me and how bad that throw was. I was getting made fun of because of it and it was pretty ridiculous. Many people get made fun of because of how they throw or how they aren’t as athletic as other people are. Ever since then I get panicky and stressed when I have to participate in a game in gym class. Competition makes life harder for many people by leading to fighting, losing friends, and causing mental health issues.

To begin with, competition makes life harder, people make fun of the losing team and some people take it so far that they can cause people to have mental health issues or if they already have mental health issues it could make it worse. Some people, like myself, may already have a few mental health issues when I compete in things it makes my anxiety really bad and I think everyone is judging me by how I stand or how I throw
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If they’ve been your friend for a while, they can know some of the things they know that you wouldn’t want other people to know and they could tell someone. They can betray you and be extremely rude to you just because they lost and you won. They could even take it so far that they spread rumors and lies about you. Some people give up on a friendship because you’re on the other team and they’re all alone, these are the worst kind of friends and it may be for the best that you lost them. They could try to start drama and say that you threatened them somehow and lie their way through the whole thing. They could tell their parents and the parents can call the school saying that you were bullying them and saying false things about their child. Friendship is hard, because they could get angry over the smallest
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