Analysis: How Junk Food Can End Obesity

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How Junk Food Can End Obesity
Society has being trying to solve the problem for obesity and has yet to find a solution. David H. Freedman found a solution to this problem and as crazy as it may say sound, his answer is Junk Food. Healthy foods and drinks can be expensive and frankly don't taste the best, so the question arises why do people consume them? The answer is easy, people want to consume things that are labeled as healthy because it looks pretty good holding a healthy snack or drink. When people look good they feel pretty good about themselves. Who doesn't want to look and feel good, but in reality if people stopped thinking about looking and feeling good they would see that the healthy items actually contain more calories and other nutrients found in food and drink items that society considers unhealthy.
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There are cheaper alternatives to the expensive health items that contain less of the bad ingredients than the expensive ones have. The reason people do not choose the cheaper items is because the bigger brands advertise them as unhealthy and fattening and the people just believe it instead of looking into it more. The media spends so much time blaming only the processed food for causing the sicknesses and overweight problems that people face. The fast food industry has turned all the science of food processing into getting us addicted to fat, sugar, and salt which leads to the problem of obesity. It is not the food that is causing it, it is people's addictions to the food that causes
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