Persuasive Essay: How Thinking Is A Funny Thing?

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Thinking is a funny thing, so do it? Think, think about your children being harmed everyday of their life. Think about how you’re assisting that harm being caused. You wouldn’t be able to forgive yourself after knowing you’re harming them and have been for some time now. To be able to repeat, judge, and come to conclusions due to our experiences, awareness, and intuition. It’s what makes us human and has allowed us to create, communicate, and become sophisticated. Thinking envelops so many features of which children are also what they do from watching, learning, commemorating, questioning, and judging to introduce something new such as, making their own decisions, arguing and disobeying. Ultimately it’s your choice, I can’t make the decision for you but I can tell you is why not to allow your child be on technology most of the day, or what they could be doing instead. A survey of over 1,000 parents of all…show more content…
Dad/Mum will come back from work late and they’ll not have time for their child. “Over time, the combination of various negative factors can seriously deteriorate the relationship between a parent and a child. Night shifts are a difficult way for any parent to support their children financially due to the ways in which the children are deprived emotionally.” Therefore, the child will find security in games and television etc. Kids even consult the internet or strangers online for help if they need it which can display them to wrong information resulting in problems. You wouldn’t like your child speaking to someone without knowing who or what type of person they are. You clearly haven’t heard the news: Children being tricked into thinking they’re speaking to a 16 year old boy but it’s a perverted old man. If that was your child you would end up losing them to this sadistic creep if not stopped. Get your act together; you’re the parent not them! Sort it
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