Persuasive Essay How To Be A Good President Analysis

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Problems The President should prevent all the bad things and try to make this country a better place to live so that people can feel safe. The new President should provide a home to every poor person and food for them to eat. The President shouldn't let there be poor or rich people they should be equal. The President should always give out a warning for anything bad that would happen so people can get ready and do what he can do to prevent that to happen. The President should show us that we feel safe knowing that he/she is President. The President shouldn't let there be any poor people in this country because everybody should be equal. Give poor people food and anything they need to provide them with good care so they can feel different than how they felt before. It's sad just to see people asking for money to buy food or…show more content…
That's the President we need and also a President who can give out warnings to us. Like when there is a big emergency and nobody knows it we aren't just going to stand there and pretend like nothing bad is going to happen. Our next President Will give us warnings even if it's late or early or in the last minute but he/she will tell us. We also need a President who we can feel safe around that actually cares for us who wouldn't choose money over all of us. A President who can show us that we can live in peace and not have to worry about “ohh he's racist” or “he only cares about the money and not us”.Instead of that we need to say “he stood up for us” or “he's a President that wouldn't let us down even for money”. All of this is just saying that we aren't in a look out for a perfect president were in a look out for a President who cares for us.The president should try to make this country a better place to live even though it is going well right now but there some thing that our president can do so he can change these
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