How To Change A Flat Tire Essay

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Introduction: A flat tire is a very common problem for motorists and it happens when you least expect it. It is important for every motorist to know how to change a flat tire when it does happen .This paper discusses in detail how to change a flat tire.
Items needed: You need to have the following items in your car to be used in changing a flat tire.
A jack
A lug wrench
An inflated spare tire
Wheel wedges
A small cut wood of 2’’*6’’
A pair of gloves
A flashlight
It takes approximately 15-30 minutes to change a flat tire.
Preparation: Once you notice a flat tire pull off to a safe area for example a parking lot or if you can’t find a parking lot get as far away as possible from the roadway as you can. Choose a flat surface to prevent the vehicle from running over when changing the tire .Also, choose straight road sections and avoid the bending stretches so you can see the oncoming traffic.
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You can do this by turning on the hazard lights so that other motorists can see you. You can also use road flares to increase your visibility.
The last step in preparing to change a tire is to engage the parking brake to reduce chances of the vehicle rolling over. After you have done this put on your pair of gloves and proceed with changing the flat tire.
Applying the wheel wedges: This is the first step and it ensures that your vehicle is stable enough. They are placed either in front or at the back of the tires. When changing a back tire, place them in front of the front tires and when changing the front tire, place them behind the back tires.
Removing the wheel cover: If your vehicle has a hub cap covering the nuts start by removing it. Use a screw driver and lift the wheel cover at the point where the edge meets the wheel and repeat this process until the cover completely comes

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