Persuasive Essay: How To Get A First Date

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If you have ever been on a first date and it never progressed to a second, then you might have been wondering what went wrong. Was it your clothes, your hair, or did you say something to offend him? The answer is probably not quite so simple and it could be that you were expecting too much, or trying too hard. The purpose of a first date is just to see how well you get on and not to find out if he is husband material, so relax, take it easy and follow these tips on how to get a first date to lead to more.

1. Be attentive
Looking like you actually want to be there would be a good move! Look interested in what he has to say and don’t be distracted by what else might be going on. Don’t sit playing with your phone, or watching people pass by outside. Listen to what he is saying and make it a two way conversation. If you listen carefully, you can reuse some of
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Do show him that you have a mind of your own
Although you want to impress him, that doesn’t mean that you have to agree with every single thing that he says. If he asks you what kind of restaurant you would prefer, for example, then be decisive and choose one. If you just agree with him all the time, you won’t come across as being an interesting person to be with.

3. Let him pay, if he wants to
It may well seem a little bit old fashioned, but most men really do like to be the gentlemen, especially on the first date. If he offers to pay for the date, then let him. It isn’t a sexist move on his part; it’s just his way of thanking you for spending the time with him.

4. Put him at his ease
He will probably be just as nervous as you are and you will both be trying your best to make a good impression, so do what you can to make him feel at ease. Keep the conversation light and friendly, keep eye contact with him when you talk and do what you can to break the ice. It can be difficult to do this when you are nervous too, but the sooner you both relax, the more chance there will be of a second date.

5. Don’t rush

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