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How to Quit smoking Smoking is more of a psychological addiction than physical. There is no doubt that the nicotine from the cigarettes helps in giving you a high, which can be highly addictive along with being temporary. When the person decides to give up on nicotine, the body starts craving and later experiences symptoms, which are similar to the symptoms of withdrawal. Nicotine also causes the person to feel better, because of its outcome on the brain; hence it may become even more difficult to give up smoking, especially when people smoke to reduce stress, anxiety or even depression. When a person starts smoking everyday it becomes an automatic process. You can’t resist the urge to smoke when you have your early morning sip of coffee,…show more content…
Most of the smokers are aware of the fact, that weight gain is certain when they give up smoking. It is beneficial for some people to gain weight after they quit this habit, as some of the smokers become unhealthy. Metabolism and smoking Nicotine is one of the metabolic stimulators; it makes the body burn the calories consumed faster. The reason of this is increase in the heart rate after a smoke. When smokers decide to quit smoking, the metabolic rate is affected. This makes the person gain wieght, since the calories burn slowly. Say no to crash diets You can choose to select foods, which have high nutrient value and foods which offer less calories. Not only will this be good for the body, but will also help you stay away from fattening foods. Is Hypnosis good for quitting smoking? Hypnosis is a state, in which the person falls in deep sleep or enters trance mode. Hypnosis is also used for some clinical purposes. It even helps some people manage pain. During a session of hypnosis, the patient is asked to imagine the undesirable effects which can be caused due to smoking. The hypnotherapists scare the patient by informing them about its harmful effects. This also makes the patient’s mouth

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