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Haylee Klawitter
National Wild Turkey Federation - Dr. James Earl Kennamer Scholarship Essay Nature is all around us and something that many people take for granted. I have lived on a farm my entire life and worked at the Niobrara State Park for the past two years, where I got to witness firsthand the beauty of our country. We need to protect it and hunding does just that. First of all, hunters are some of the greenest people because they truly appreciate the beauty of nature and want to protect all types of creatures. Hunting and all those that partake in this hobby supply countless dollars to programs dedicated to ensuring that the environment stays healthy. Next, the act of hunting itself helps keep animal populations at a manageable number, where the animals aren 't doing damage to other species and people. The final reason is that for many families, mine included, hunting is part of our heritage.
When our world faces pollution and animals experience loss of habitat it is detrimental to our way of life and existence. For many hunting is a conservation effort and the best way to protect the country that we live in. Hunters are the ones who notice when the environment and animal populations change. They are the most invested in protecting animals because that means the continuation of their favorite pastime. The money spent on hunting license is reinvested into our national and state parks. As well as the money from license, hunters donate to many conservation

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