Persuasive Essay: If You Need To Go To College

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Did you know to go to college at a public in state college is around $78,000 for four years? I think the world need to lower college prices because you need a college education for most good jobs, so poor students that are bright can still go to college, and so you can pay off enormous debt after you get out of college. I believe all kids need an education after high school. Most jobs require some kind of degree. If you want a house and a car after you go to college and don’t want any more debt you need to have a good job to get you through life. Some jobs won’t even take you if you have one year. You have to have a college education. Think about if you were sick, your doctor would be a college graduate. If you were sued, your lawyer would be a college graduate. Your whole life is pretty much based on school and work. How you do in school and if you go to school will…show more content…
When you go to college you already are in debt if you can’t pay all the way for school. Then you have to buy a house, food, and everything else you need to live on your own. It’s a lot of money by the time you’re done. You also need a car to go back and forth to school and to the store. If you’re planning on having a family after you get out then you will need bigger house and a bigger car and things like that. Then once you have a house and car then there’s taxes and you have to pay for your children’s school and clothes and food for them. Pretty much the debt never stops. If you start out in the hole it’s pretty hard to dig your way back out. Education after high school will lead to better job finds and just all around smartness and maybe even learning things a school can’t teach you. I think the world needs to lower college prices because you need a college education for most good jobs, so poor students can still attend college, and the debt you have after college is enormous and takes forever to pay off. Please take all of these reasons into
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