Argumentative Essay For Immigrants

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Immigration is a widely debated topic, especially considering there has been an overwhelming amount of attempts for immigrants to cross borders into the United States. The biggest question I have is why don’t they go through the proper route of trying to cross over legally and apply for citizenship? The United States government tried to propose new immigration reform that would make it easier for immigrants to get green cards in order to come to the United States to work, but this new law does not successfully grant all immigrants citizenship, in most instances. What would be the incentive to apply for full citizenship for immigrants applying for a green card through this reformed law, if passed? Illegal immigrants who are here, avoid taxes and have access to hospitals as well as schools without green card or citizenship. So what is the incentive for them to apply for citizenship? What would make them want to abide by the law or eventually apply for citizenship? The right to the pursuit of happiness should indeed be available to…show more content…
Louis and a Professorial Research Fellow for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics and the author of “Immigration and Freedom of Association”. Wellman believes that “the freedom of association…[allows]…every legitimate state the right to close its doors to all potential immigrants, even refugees desperately seeking asylum” (Wellman, 2008). In addition, he also believes that the states’ right to disassociate gives them the right to control immigration. Meaning that immigrants do not have the right to equal opportunity because it should be the government’s decision solely to decide if they will even get the opportunity to come into the United States. But Wellman’s argument is not fully valid because immigrants are human and, therefore, they have rights not to be discriminated

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