Persuasive Essay: Intelligence Vs. Charisma

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Persuasive Essay – Intelligence vs. Charisma Leaders are the people that we trust to hand in our future and we believe that they can develop our nation. When we, as the society who votes, are considering the candidates one question comes to mind: Intelligence or charisma? In this question, the meaning of the charisma is not the only looks; it is the power of persecution or effectiveness of people. Even with this explanation on thing is very clear: intelligence is more important than charisma in a leader. Intelligence is a weapon for all people to be more confident, persuasive and reliable. Intelligence is the key of leadership because intelligent leaders can adapt to every environment and intelligence helps people to develop their personality…show more content…
In the island they’re trying to rebuild a civilization without any grown-ups. Like in this book, in life there is a conflict between intelligence and charisma. According to Collins dictionary, intelligence is the ability to think, reason and understand instead of doing things by instincts. On the other hand charisma is a talent and when you have charisma you can attract, influence and inspire people by your personal qualities. “Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man's heart, and the fall through the air off to true, wise friend called Piggy.”(248). This quote explains the importance of intelligence. People understand the importance of things when they’re gone. When Piggy is gone Ralph respects and misses him; however, he was behaving badly to Piggy that when Piggy was alive. Let’s face it; Piggy stands out from the crowd with his intelligence. He introduces new ideas in every upcoming problem. Community doesn't realize his brilliant ideas but when he dies everybody values him and his ideas. As we take Piggy as an example, he emphasizes the importance of intelligence himself too. “ Which is better, law and rescue, or hunting and breaking things up?”(200). With this quote we can understand both the intelligence of Piggy and the importance of intelligence throughout life. With this speech he makes himself and his ideas heard by the
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