Essay On Invisible Man Vs Hawkman

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The ability to fly all around the world without having to ever pay for a plane ticket again or the ability to be invisible and steal all of the expensive wardrobes you have always dreamt of having? This has to be one of the most difficult decisions ever. Well, when you think about it, you can activate your invisibility power and sneak your way into a plane without a flight attendant or anyone else knowing. According to This American Life 178: Invisible Man vs. Hawkman, John Hodgman stated, " men lead towards flying, women to invisibility." Not because I am a woman I chose invisibility, but I do not think that there is anything else you can do with the ability of flight other than flying around all day; which I think is rather boring. Honestly, there are not many things you could not do if you had the ability to be invisible. When you think of the superpower ‘flight’ there are not many things that come to mind, but when you ponder upon having the ability to be invisible a light bulb flashes on in your brain with numerous amounts of…show more content…
The crime rate in the Bahamas has increased tremendously over the past few years due to retaliation, illegal weapons and gangbanging. There can be a slight change to this dilemma only if you have the power to be invisible. Think about flying to an altercation with two men fighting and one of the men pulling out a gun. You would fly down and place the innocent victim on your back thinking that you can fly away freely but little did you know, you are not fast enough so you and the victim probably would have gotten shot because you both are still visible. With invisibility, you actually have the power to snatch the gun away from the man and saving the victim's life. Imagine going into every home and removing all illegal weapons. I know for a fact that the crime rate will decrease big
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