Sunscreen Persuasive Speech

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Before you head to the beach or the tanning salon, you should be learning all you can about the sunscreen you're using to protect your skin. While some sources advocate the use of sunblock and sunscreen, others shout about how the chemicals in these products are actually bad for you.

We'd like to shed as much light as possible on the debate. Is sunscreen good for you? What happens if you don't use sunscreen out in the sun? How can you protect yourself when there's so much conflicting information? We'll dissect these questions and give you what we believe to be the right info.

When answering the question about sunscreen being good for you, we should talk about the ingredients. There are two different types of protection from the sun. One
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Most of those cancers could have been prevented by the use of sunscreen or sunblock.

In their studies, they found that sunscreen usage was low in certain demographic groups. People with dark skin, those who aren't sun-sensitive, and people who don't work out weekly were among those who didn't use sunscreen.

There were more people using sunscreen on their face than on other parts of their body. This might be caused by the fact that people don't want to age prematurely and have wrinkles. It was mostly women who wear sunscreen on their face, but it doesn't seem as if they did so because of skin cancer concerns. They didn't apply sunscreen on other parts of their body exposed to the sun.

What Happens If You Don't Use Sunscreen or Sunblock?

The sun can prematurely age your skin. If you've ever seen older people with deep, dark tans, their skin is usually very wrinkled. That's because of the deteriorating rays of the sun that are attacking them on a daily basis.

Skin cancer is directly related to the amount of sun you're exposed to on a daily, monthly, and yearly
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