Persuasive Essay: Keep The Voting Age

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keep the voting age at 18. 18 is the age when one is considered an adult in america, for many it is an age where one takes very huge steps into our future. Many start college, move out ,and it is also the legal age to vote in the presidential elections. Voting is a huge deal for America ,we have to choose someone to lead our country for the next four years. Voting should be taken very seriously ,our regular daily life depends on it, we need a president that will lead us into a good path,creating jobs,making sure our country is safe. But to choose the right president we need reasonible citizens voting,wich is why the legal age to vote should not be lowered to the age of 16.A 16 year old is not a child anymore ,but alos at that age we arent the most reasonible . Everyone has been 16,everyone has been through many phases to where we think we are grown ups at that age , not that im degrading 16 year olds many of them start jobs at that age and are juniors in hs, but that doesnt make them, eligible to vote for such a huge deal for our society .…show more content…
One cannot put the stress of having to choose a president who will lead the country for the next four years on a 16 year old who is having a mental breakdown because there crush wont text them back. Lowering the voting age would only decrease the voting percentage in the in the young voters. We should be more focused on how to make voting easier and more flexible for everybody, like the passage said we need to make voting mobile ,secure but also easier ways on how people can vote from there comfort at home. Even thinking of lowering the voting age is just asking for less votes or even worst votes from teenagers who are still dependent from their parents ,and there opinions .America will continue to grow and have new presidents wwe just need to make the right decisions and keep the voting age at
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