Persuasive Essay: Leaders Take The Initiative

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Leaders Take the Initiative “ A leader is the individual engaging others in this evolutionary activity” (Defining Leadership Language and Guiding Models 14). There are two kinds of people in this world, leaders and followers. Leaders take the initiative and guide a group of people, including followers, to make a change. Sometimes leaders come across obstacles, but they work hard and do not give up. Leaders believe their actions will make the world a better place. It is no secret that our world can be a cruel place sometimes, nor to that humans have an innate need to feel superior to others. Situations like this, where leaders feel the need to pursue what is right, we see injustices need to come to an end. Rosa Parks one day refused to move to the back to the bus, where African Americans were to be seated. Her act of disobedience initiated a major change. A leader takes the initiative to make this happen. Rosa Parks is the perfect definition of a leader.…show more content…
Someone who has the initiative and drive to solve problems. Leaders take charge and pave the way so that others can follow by example. Initiative is one of many characteristics that define a leader. When there is a problem or an issue, someone must grab the bull by the horns, take the reins of the matter and begin to solve the problem. The leader is the person who stands up to take that task, which shows their initiative trait of leadership. In the article “Defining Leadership Language and Guiding Models” it states,“ Therefore, leaders are the individuals with or without positions of authority, working together to tackle a tough problem”( Defining Leadership Language and Guiding Models 14). This statement accurately defines what a leader is and
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