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Let Them Eat Cupcakes
As famed cookbook author Anne Byrn proclaims, “When you look at a cupcake, you’ve got to smile.” A truer statement has never been spoken. Cupcakes, unlike boring, drab old cake, bring joy and happiness into the world; their cuteness and wonderfulness make the world a better place. Cupcakes should be eaten instead of cake because they are more convenient and their taste is superior to cake.
One reason cupcakes are superior to cake is their convenience. Sophomore year is full of Sweet 16’s, which means lots of cake. How exciting. At all the parties I’ve been to (disclaimer: it’s like four I’m not Regina George or anything), there has been cake. Each time, I’ve gotten a slice. Each time, I felt dejected. The cake was always too
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In previous years, I had not cared so much; cake was usually the dessert provided. However, when this year’s celebration came around, I thought back to parties I’ve had over the years and parties I had been to recently. The inconvenience cake had brought (disappointing frosting to cake ratio, never the right amount of cake, always too much left over, having to deal with a pesky fork, etc.) coupled with the cuteness of cupcakes led me to have cupcakes at my party. As soon as my friends and I started eating the cupcakes, gone were the days of dissatisfaction and the general sadness caused by cake. The pure joy radiating off the faces of my guests further proved the fact that cupcakes are superior to cake, due in large part to their convenience.
Another reason cupcakes are better than cake is taste. I need both hands to count the number of bad cakes I’ve had, but I only need two fingers to count the number of bad cupcakes I’ve had (a chocolate Walmart cupcake and a batch of strawberry cupcakes that I only put half the required amount of sugar in [honestly I don’t think those count, but for the sake of being truthful I’m including them anyway]). Even though it may seem hard to believe, I actually somewhat like
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