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Persuasive Essay The heart is the central or innermost part of an human. Enough said, hands down, most important. The heart is the nucleus of the human, similar to the protons and neutrons in the nucleus of an atom. No other living organism can feel the feelings we have with the heart. Each human loves a particular hobby even if it is sleep, love of the Earth, and most humans love a particular someone. Whether a spouse, friend, or family member everyone has strong feelings for someone. For example, everyone has a particular activity they like to do to have fun or fill time. Even if you just stand in the same place for every day of your life that is still a activity you do and you probably enjoy it because you do it 24 hours a day. I love baseball, it takes up a lot of my time. When I’m bored I enjoy taking a ball and bouncing it against the house and catching it or practicing ground ball techniques. Everyone has a love for something they like to do. You ask anyone in the NFL or professional sports some will…show more content…
Scientists have there own ways they like the Earth. Some of them are way to complex though. One thing that people love are animals. I’m not saying everyone loves animals, but most people love animals. Think about the dogs. Think about their ears. Think about them chasing their tail. Think about them running around on a farm chasing the sheep. Think about them catching the frisbee. For other people they like other animals. Whatever animal you want to put in that situation, go for it. Prove my point. Think about what you love in nature. The beach, here the waves and feel the sand in your toes. Feel the wind in your hair. Don’t you just love that experience. Of course you do. If you don’t love the beach think about the rainforest. The drippy, wet leaves, and the frogs in the trees. The sweet, lovely rainfalls. If you don’t love either of those then your a really boring
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