Persuasive Essay On Abolishing Homework

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Make High School Great Again Most adults remember high school as the best years of their lives; however, this is not the reality for students today. The majority of teenagers would agree that high school is currently dreadful, mainly due to the outrageous bulk of homework they receive each night. Homework is now consuming students’ lives, leaving no free time to have fun, attend extracurricular events, sports games etc. Homework is becoming a popular public debate because of the adverse effects it has on America’s teens. In fact, many studies have proven that abolishing homework has a positive outcome. Schools should decrease the homework load because it has created social issues, it has little beneficial effect on academics, and it has a negative impact on students’ mental health. Homework inhibits children from engaging in other important facets of life such as social interaction. Spending time with family, going to school events, and hanging…show more content…
Oftentimes, teachers give out loads of homework that are not essential to student learning. Some people believe that homework teaches students discipline by teaching them time management. This study shows quite the contrary, writing “[e]xcessive amounts of homework [...] teach students to take shortcuts, rather than instill in them discipline and time-management skills” (“Is Homework Beneficial to Students?” n. pag.). When students receive busy work they often turn to their classmates for answers or go through the assignment hastily and without effort. This proves that homework is not an effective learning strategy, and it actually teaches negative habits. Homework supporters believe that more homework translates to smarter students. Many studies have proven that dropping homework has positive effects on students in their school. Nancy Kalish’s article describes one school that put homework to the test,
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