Argumentative Essay: More Sleep Makes Happy Teens

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More Sleep Makes Happy Teens Every weekday, millions of people across the nation wake up before the sun, roll out of bed with a headache, skip breakfast because they feel too groggy to keep anything down, and sluggishly work their day away. You may think these people are adults going to their day jobs; however, I am referring to every teenager getting up and going to school in America. There is no logical reason why our schools should continue to begin as early as they do now. It has been properly proven teenagers are incapable of retaining a sufficient amount of new information any earlier than ten o’clock in the morning. Additionally, sleep deprivation causes countless detrimental physical and mental injuries to young people. Because we…show more content…
When a juvenile is constantly denied of the necessary amount of sleep they require to operate, their entire body is harmed. After a student wakes from one night of inadequate rest, their temper shortens and they become more accident-prone. This makes for an unhappy school environment, more fights, and more car wrecks. Did you know vehicular accidents are now the leading cause of death in teens? After a week of an unacceptable sleep schedule, students experience short and long term memory loss, trouble thinking and concentrating, and a drop in important hormone levels. Do you still think we are capable of maintaining perfect grades under these circumstances? A few months of insufficient sleep weakens teens’ immune systems and causes them to gain weight. High schools, colleges, and employers prioritize perfect attendence, yet how are we supposed to achieve this when constnant ilness is always in the way? Once the rough sleep routine has gone on for a year or so, adolescents will have an increased risk of heart disease, a risen blood pressure, and a higher risk for diabetes. Adults are quick to blame teens’ terrible health on overeating and laziness; however, the main cause is impossible expectations and sleep deprivation. Our minds and bodies are in their sensitive final stages of maturing, so why cause unnecessary permanent damage by way of something completely
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