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My Night Makeup
I’m not a professional makeup girl, but I like to watch others and learn simple tactics that work for me and keep my form looking natural. I used to think makeup is an easy process, but that is not true. Because that my room has a large mirror that has lights in the edges, I can see my makeup clearly. Makeup impacts our beauty and I have to do it in the right way without skipping the steps. However, the makeup of the evening is different from the day. I like for morning makeup to be very light, yet night makeup could be heavy. Usually, I don’t follow these steps except for night events, such as weddings, parties, etc. There are many steps to do a professional application of makeup.
The first step is cleaning the skin of my
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Afterwards, I wash my face and neck with warm water and wipe a clean towel in a gentle way. Actually, I use baby oil at bedtime to help moisturize my skin. It fits the quality of my skin and gives it glossiness and luster a day after. Also, I put Vaseline to moisten my lips to look so health. The next is to use concealer and foundation cream, which is an organic substance the same color as skin. There are two types of concealer: The first type, water concealer: liquid and cream, suitable for dry skin and cover the large area such as an area under the eye. The second type, a finger or steel concealer: used to hide grain, pimples and facial bruising. I prefer to use steel it is easier to use. It also has three colors for different uses. First, yellow concealer: serves to cover facial bruising and an under-eye area and is used to cover the birthmark in the case of being present, or to cover any light red area in the face. Second, purple or brightly violet concealer: used to settle the pale skin color, cover the area under the very dark eye, and use it to cover the yellow face scratches, except that it is used to settle the skin defects of the bronze color. Third, green concealer:

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