Persuasive Essay Obamacare

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A heavily debated topic in politics in America is on the distribution of Healthcare and health insurance. The main concern is the costs that come along with healthcare and who exactly it is or should be accessible to. Currently in the United States, our nation’s healthcare is under a plan called the Affordable Care Act, implemented by Barack Obama to which many nickname “Obamacare”. The ACA’s original goal was to cater to people of all classes and make it affordable, hence the name, but that plan has not proven to be very effective. However in recent times there has been a debate among presidential candidates of what action to take regarding healthcare including ideas such as a “single payer” system, or a universal healthcare plan as well as a flat tax. Conservatives and liberals argue over the plan, some worried about the government spending and the outcomes that it could cause, while others believe it should be financially supported by the government. Conservatives do not agree with Obamacare, wanting to repeal it. Whereas liberals want Medicare a universal system that offers to all. For conservatives healthcare is something they don’t want the government to be spending a lot of money on; as they believe it causes taxpayers to be paying more as well, primarily the upper class. They believe it to be detrimental to the economy, and to be “the biggest job killer in this country”, specifically Obamacare. As Obamacare is something…show more content…
Decisions from future representatives and elected presidents have to be made in order to change the current system. Obamacare is something that has worked for some people, but not for others, therefore it is necessary to focus on the biggest issues and try to solve them as best as possible. Obviously no healthcare system will be absolutely perfect and satisfy every person in America, but it is necessary to try and reform a system that only certain people are benefiting
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