Persuasive Essay Of Mice And Men

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Of Mice and Men Persuasive Essay The characters have a companion that they care for and that companion helps replace loneliness with friendship throughout the book, “Of Mice and Men,” by John Steinback. The genre of this book is historical fiction. Almost all of the characters that are characterized throughout the book have had loneliness and are trying to get rid of that bad feeling of loneliness with friendship and attention from that friend. On page 12 to 13 in “Of Mice and Men,” George tells Lennie he could do so much more without him and he could have a real job. Lennie was saying how he could leave George if Lennie bothered him that much. He was saying he could find things that aren’t fancy to eat like things with ketchup. How he could…show more content…
The dog bit Lennie and he threw the dog across the room and killed it. “God damn you, now I woke be able to tend the rabbits.” (85) “Maybe George won’t care.” (86) Lennie just killed a new born dog and the only thing he could think about was, what will George think? Will he be angry? This happens again but with Curley’s wife. She comes in to talk to Lennie and find out he killed the pup. She also finds out how crazy Lennie is about rabbits. He tells her it’s because he likes the feel on soft things. Curley’s wife says she understands that feeling and that’s why she likes running her fingers through her hair. She tells Lennie to touch her hair and he does. He liked the feel of it so he kept rubbing it, hard and harder. She tells him to stop since its hurting her but he keeps rubbing. She starts screaming and moving around like a fish. Lennie puts his hand over her mouth and tells her, “I don’t want ta hurt you, but George’ll be mad if you yell.” ‘When she didn’t answer nor move he bent closely over her. He lifted her arm and let it drop.’ (91) Lennie accidentally kills Curly’s wife. “George’ll be mad. He’s gonna be mad.” (92) He killed a human being and right now what he cares about is what George will think of him
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