Persuasive Essay On 9/11

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The terrorist attacks on 9/11 have caused many debates over the years since they occurred back in 2001. Two American planes were hijacked and ran into the twin tower buildings, another was hijacked and headed for the pentagon, but thankfully never made it. Thousands of Americans lost their lives on the days of the attacks and to this day the sorrow hangs with us. Security was a huge debate of the time because America is supposed to be the safest nation there is, so how did this happen? America had lots of changes to make the attacks on September 11, 2001. Little did we know that this would affect the nation for years to come. Shortly after the attacks on 9/11 the Government acted very quickly. As stated in an article by Jaeshin Kim, “The Bush Administration launched the bombing of Afghanistan, and Congress passed the USA PATRIOT Act allowing law enforcement powers to detain foreign nationals or immigrants suspected of terrorism” (Kim 1). In situations as these, the President has no option but to quickly react, so he did. As expected, the decisions were greatly supported by U.S citizens due to mourning over the loss of first responders and loved ones from such a tragic event. The U.S citizens were so quick to support the decisions of the president because they were following one another reactions. Often when a group, in this case the group would be our nation, are faced with something tragic, they all react in the same way. People were very angry and very fearful, and
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