Persuasive Essay On A 4 Day School Week

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Did you know that a four day school week has shown to improve math grades relieve stress from teachers and give families more time for family time. Albertans has been using the five day week for as long as our schools have gone on but all around us schools are changing don 't you think we should to???

Here in Alberta we are using the old fashion 5 day week, but studies have shown that a four day week has improved our math grades. A four day week somehow has shown to improve math grades in Oakridge School District Superintendent Don Kordosky reported that test scores improved after his system in Oregon implemented the four-day school week. After that the attendance at his school shot up like a rocket. I think that the attendance shot up like that because parents have an excuse and the kids have no weapon they can 't say they want a day off because they already do. Did you know that in British columbia a whole school district was going to close down, but after they switched to the 4 day school week they could keep all their schools running, this happened because of the four day week saving a ton of money not only for the school but for the parents. A four day school week cuts down on the gas money electricity bill and much, much more, imagine if your school switched to the four day week you could save money too. What I am trying to tell you is that a four day week can keep your schools in business save you money and improve your kids grades all in one!

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