Persuasive Essay On A Day Of Thanksgiving

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The Mass Killing Of Turkeys Thanksgiving,Is one of the worst times for us turkeys. We have to run and hide from this terrible fate of being killed by those terrible humans that eat us on Thanksgiving day. We have to not just worry about Thanksgiving during this time also foxes and other large animals. Lately, I’ve slept in a tree or underground. I have been keeping patrol for hunters and animals so I can survive another year of Thanksgiving without getting in there treacherous hands. Although some of my cousins have been taken and killed for these humans to feast on their flesh. I have dodged a couple attacks myself from hunters to save myself a few times. But Something had to be done about this terrible fate. We all came together to talk about the fate of the turkeys. We all said “something had to be done”. But we didn’t exactly know what to do about. But we finally came to the conclusion that we should take more of a direct approach at the humans maybe talk turkey to human how we felt about this mass killing of turkeys. We all together made a plan to go talk to these humans we decide to talk to the president. When we got there we told the president how we felt about this…show more content…
The president said intently “ we will have a program creating awareness about it and this group will control the mass murdering so you don’t have to suffer so much this Thanksgiving year” The turkeys thanked the president for all he was doing . So the turkeys waddled home without one worry of being that Thanksgiving. For the rest of the years the turkeys had no worries. All they had to worry about as much was there predators and finding food. Still some turkeys would be killed but not all of them. So the turkeys had a worry free
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