Persuasive Essay On A Healthy Lifestyle

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Not satisfied with your physical appearance? Do you think you may need to make some changes toward a healthy lifestyle? What does a healthy lifestyle even mean? “It is a way of living that lowers the risk of being seriously ill or dying early.” (World Health Organization). Women of ages fifteen to twenty-five undergo changes physical changes that affect their future. This is the time for them to make healthy decisions that can result in a longer life. When hearing the words “healthy lifestyle”, you may think of eating small portions, balancing sweets, consuming fruits/vegetables, managing fluids, losing weight, exercising, and resting. The word “time” also might come to mind, because the results will eventually be seen after hard work. Heard of the clean your plate method? Well, it is not necessarily a good thing as a teenager or young adult, because the size of a plate at home or at a restaurant has increased. When eating everything on your plate then going back for seconds or thirds, you will be overeating. Even though three, big meals a day may seem more pleasing, not only are small meals easy to fix, but they can also contain a variety of rich nutrient foods. In these smaller portions, your plate should include fruits, vegetables, healthy oils, lean protein, seafood, low-fat dairy, and whole grains. Ease your body into this method, because your body will adjust to the smaller meals as time progresses. At first, you may become hungry in between meals, but satisfy

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