Persuasive Essay On A Healthy Meal

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The argument of the true definition of a healthy meal is a controversial one for such a simple and important topic. Healthy is to be defined as “indicating or promoting good health” (The Oxford Dictionary). At this point, the true definition of health is crucial as well. Health is to be defined as “a person’s mental and physical condition” (The Oxford Dictionary). In many cases, one’s health reflects their everyday life choices, not making healthy food choices first, which must be prioritized before any material things, is not often the case. Some people can not always afford healthy food, but this is overwhelmingly apparent because their health is not their first priority. In retrospect, many people who develop health diseases or problems…show more content…
A “healthy lifestyle” is not necessarily easy to obtain, yet one could make it easier on themselves, making a point to buy the healthy and affordable food, yes such a thing does exist. As a matter of fact, healthy meals can be found online and nutrition labels can be searched in depth with a click of a button these days. So the question that comes to mind would be, why do more people today develop health issues then just twenty years ago when internet was not nearly as accessible? Likewise, simplistic, whole foods are almost always less expensive, take many fruits as an example. When put in 20/20 retrospect, the more simplistic foods are actually less expensive, the whole foods specifically (WebMD)! The pre-packed foods often cost more and deteriorate a healthy lifestyle into what many Americans have fallen into today—obesity, type two diabetes, and growing health issues. Similarly, serving sizes have grown into larger portions compared to the average-sized meal thirty years ago, not helping the poor eating habits people have fallen into, not to mention haven’t taken the time to pull themselves out of (WebMD). The physical and mental draw on a healthy lifestyle is impactful and has not been this way for generations, a developing issue amongst the generations
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