Persuasive Essay On A Lie

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A lie is a lie no matter how you try to put it. Some lies can be small and you think that it can do no harm and others are big and can really mess up something that was going good for you. That 's why throughout this essay I 'm going to tell you why I feel it 's not okay to tell a lie. My three reasons are as follows I told someone I liked them when I really didn 't, telling my father,I was moving back to Alabama and when I told my grandmother we didn 't have school when we did. Over the course of my life I 've told many lies that have put me in really bad positions. And as I think back on it,I wish I can take them back. In the end it hurt me because it caused others not to trust me even when I was telling the honest to god truth. Every situation shouldn 't have a bad outcome because of a lie you decided to tell just because.

First, having someone thinking you like them and you don 't is wrong and quite embarrassing. If you know you don 't have the same intentions as the other person maybe you don 't need them thinking you do. Sometimes you have to put yourself in their shoes and see if you like it done to you. Because I believe in karma what you do to someone out either out of spite or just because can come back on you ten times harder. I remember being in high school and this boy really liked me,but I didn 't like him but I made him feel as though I did. And now the boy doesn 't like me and we haven 't talked since I graduated from high school. I can 't blame him because
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