Persuasive Essay On A Right To Die

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A Right to Die A patient was diagnosed with a terminal illness: cancer. Doctors considered his condition to be incurable by modern medicines and claimed he had six months to live. For five months, he suffered from the agonizing pain of his cancer, was probed at by many different machines and doctors in the name of research, and watched his family sell away their many possessions to pay for his treatment, and to top it all off, his final days wouldn’t even be spent in his own home. This patient didn’t want to suffer anymore, and requested that the doctor end his life, prematurely. Unfortunately, doctor assisted suicide is not legal in the patient’s state, and he must suffer through his existence for one more month, if he’s lucky. Several states have already seen the benefits of a “death with dignity” law, such as Colorado, Oregon, California, and others. Doctor assisted suicide is a right that belongs to any mentally sane patient, because nobody should have to suffer through the pain of terminal illness, drive their family into poverty, and then die anyways. Cancer treatment, while vital to a patient who doesn’t have six months to live, is very expensive. In the article written by Matt Mauney, “Costs of Chemotherapy Treatment”, Mauney researched the costs of various cancer treatments, in order to give cancer patients an expectation of how much treatment will cost them. According to Mauney, “lung cancer surgery, which is comparable to pleural cancer surgery because of the

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