Persuasive Essay On Abolish Capital Punishment

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The death penalty is the punishment of execution, administered to someone legally convicted of a capital crime. On April 1st, 2008 the Death penalty was authorized by 37 states. Only 13 states chose against the death penalty. In Indiana there are 14 convicted murders on death row, and 19 convicted murders have been executed in Indiana since 1977 (County, 1998). I feel that the amount of money used for the death penalty could be used for better things. I also feel that it isn’t right to kill people for certain things, especially when it isn’t always 100% proven. Another reason why I don’t think it’ right is because the death penalty can prolong suffering for victims’ families (The United States should abolish Capital Punishment, 2012). The death penalty is way more expensive than life in prison because the constitution requires a long and complex judicial process for capital cases. They do this to ensure that innocent men and woman are not executed for crimes they didn’t do. The cost of putting someone on death row is $90,000 per year per inmate. The millions of dollars saved…show more content…
On average there has been about 5 exonerations per year. For example Dilbert Tibbs was driving through Florida when policed stopped him to ask a few questions pertaining to the rape of a 16 year old girl, and the murder of her friend. He cooperated with the police, and let them take a picture of him. Even though he didn’t match the description the police were given, once the victim saw the picture of Delbert she changed her mind and said it was him. Delbert Tibbs was convicted guilty and spent three years on Florida’s death row. 6 years later the Florida state Supreme Court overturned the verdict and Delbert was finally exonerated. This is just one of many people who have been put on death row with not enough evidence (Exonerations of Innocent Men and Women,

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