Persuasive Essay On Abortion

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Abortion has been an ongoing issue in America in recent years. Many protests stating that it is the human right whether a mother decides to keep her child or not. However, a big chunk of the people in the United States believes that abortions are cruel and label them as a murder. Back in the 18th century, abortions were allowed under the law and which many people practiced. The issue only became illegal when “quickening” occurs. The term is used to describe when a mother feels the fetus moving. It was a religious belief that when conception first occurs and in the early stages of pregnancy human life did not exist yet. However, around the 1880’s, abortion became criminalized with the exception that it could be used to save a woman’s life. A ton of people went against abortions because they saw that since most of the decline in birth rates were from women that had Northern European backgrounds and believe that it was the destruction of the race. This made people want more white, U.S.-born women to reproduce. The American Medical Association (AMA) pushed for state laws to restrict abortions, and most did in 1880. After this law, people created things that women could choose as an option instead of abortion. Some of these choices include types of birth control which started around the 1950’s, adoption, or raising the child as a co-parent or single parent. With the debate of whether the United States should make abortions legal or illegal has caused a bunch of chaos in America.

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