The Morality Of Abortion

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Abortion is much more than a question of how religious you truly are, but rather how much you value morality and life. From a moral standpoint, there is no explanation to why abortion should be legal and supported. Morality is mostly objective and there is a baseline for cultures all around the world, rape is bad, theft is bad, murder is bad, except when it’s an embryo or baby. But to even talk about that we need to know why abortion is horrible. Abortions normally happen during the first trimester which is conception to 13 weeks old. In 2013 the CDC reported 664,435 legal abortions occurred, 91.6% of abortions were in the first trimester, while the rest were after this period (late-term abortion). That means that around 53,000 abortions…show more content…
Birth control is highly effective, Oral contraception is 91-99% effective, (multiple sources say it varies depending on how well the user is using it, but general consensus that it is in this range of numbers) condoms are also highly effective as they are able to prevent 98% of pregnancies. This makes it extremely hard to have an unwanted baby unless something special happens. If you manage to impregnate a girl unintentionally without using these methods then you only have yourself to blame. Abortions create another safety net for this for people who are reckless. It’s a cycle, a man sleeps around (or woman), gets impregnated and then gets abortions because they don’t feel like using birth control. If people don’t live up to their consequences and stop, then they will most likely never stop. Also to note, birth control methods are fairly inexpensive too. Pills on average cost 15$-30$ per month and condoms normally cost about 1$ each or in some places 50 cents. If you can’t afford this then maybe sex should be the last thing on your…show more content…
The current sex epidemic is not about unwanted pregnancies and diseases (which both are huge problems, just not what I am talking about with this) but how willing people are to have sex with other people. This can have astounding consequences on people’s psyche, especially young women. The constant cycle of breakups, sex and emotional detachment can lead to depression, anxiety and a multitude of other things. It is also important to note that women who have more sexual partners also have a higher divorce rate. Divorces can lead to unhappy people, emotionally scarred children which then puts them at the same risk. It is important to talk about men in this too, when sex isn’t taken seriously men will typically use it to their advantage and sleep around more. This actually affects women more so than men because it directly impacts their self-esteem and can make them feel worthless, which makes them more vulnerable because they’re hurt and looking for solitude. Also, men naturally try to reproduce as much as possible which is why we as a society need to recognize how important intimacy is, to help keep people in place. How does this tie into abortion? Well the problems that are listed before are catalysts to why abortions happen. The emotional detachment from sex leads to lustful behaviour, which then leads to abortions and

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