Persuasive Essay On Abortion Pro Life

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Abortion doesn't make you un-pregnant it makes you the mother of a dead baby (Unknown) when does life begin? Is it when the sperm and the egg meet to create a new life? America has embraced a death culture mothers even their fathers are being affected every day by this culture the same people that think back about the time Germans slaughtered the Jewish people a race they did not believe they were humans it is the same as abortion the right to kill a life that has not opened its eyes. Is abortion a right thing to do whether the individual can or can not take care of the babe? Abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy meaning the killing of a human fetus, a new human baby being begins at fertilization when that one single cell forms if that cell does not get interrupted he or she will someday become an adult man or…show more content…
Women believed it was there right to do whatever they want with their bodies even it was against the law to have an abortion many women started seeking the black market for use to abort the unwanted babe. The debate began in Texas a women name of Jane Roe went against the Texas Law on abortion the case at first was not as important to many people but slowly the case picked up lead all the way to the highest court case in Texas, Jane Roe was a single pregnant women that was fighting for her rights and other women around the country she fought the laws that made a crime to attempt an abortion but only in case the mother is in harm after a two year trial of hearing evidence Roe won her lawsuits. The court believed that the Texas Abortion Laws were violation the Ninth and Fourteenth Amendment rights reason been that injunctive relief against enforcement of the laws was not warranted. But do abortion laws that criminalize all abortions violate the Constitution of the United

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