Argumentative Essay On Abortion-The Right To Life

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The Right To Life
Hilary Clinton once said, “I, for one, respect those who believe with all their hearts and consciences that there are no circumstances under which any abortion should ever be available.” Abortion is wrong in many ways, and should not be permitted to anyone unless they’re a victim of rape. The following reasons explain why abortion is wrong: Whether the fetus is fully developed or not it should still be considered a human being and it should get the chance to live, the only reason any woman should be permitted to have an abortion is if she was raped, lastly, you could put the child up for adoption if you truly don’t want them.
“A living human person begins to exist at the moment of conception, even though only as a cell” (“10
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The fetus, inside of the woman is a totally different person by itself. Having an abortion is killing another person, it’s DNA is mostly different than it’s parents (Johnson). Therefore, abortion should not be allowed by any means. Unless of course, the woman or girl was raped.
Adoption is always available for anyone who can’t afford to keep a child, and give them what they need. Some couples would love a child, children should never feel unwanted nor are they (Lowen). If a young teen, or anyone in that matter gets pregnant and does not want the child, they should just put it up for adoption if they truly don’t want it. Why take someone else’s life away for your mistakes? Let them grow, and see the beauty of life with someone who can afford to take care of them. There are many couples that can’t have kids, simply because the woman can’t have a child or the man can’t, or even in some instances maybe some gay couples want to adopt a child because they can’t have one of their own. Aborting a child you don’t want does nothing, but giving it up for adoption and giving it a chance to have a good life with good people who want a child for whatever reason does something, something great. It gives the couple adopting the child someone to love and keep their relationship healthy, and as for kids? It gives them hope, that someday someone will come along and give them a good, forever home. So why take

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