Persuasive Essay On Accidental Shootings

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In 2017 there has been about 3,877 deaths caused by firearms, 542 accidental shootings and 939 shootings whose victims are in the ages between 0-17, according to Gun Violence Archive ("Gun"). How safe would society feel is citizens have the right to own a handgun and could shoot at any moment? In the constitution of the united States, it is written that everyone has the right to live and everyone has the right to pursuit happiness. If someone with a handgun takes those rights away, by killing someone, the results are fatal because citizens have the right to own a gun, as well. Additionally, in the Bill of Rights, it states that the government promises to take care of the general welfare. How can the government take care of the community if there are people who can shoot and injure or, worse, kill? Civilians should not be able to carry handguns because there could be not only intentional killings, but also accidental…show more content…
This shows that incidents that people are killed or hurt accidentally, are very common. In Hayden, Idaho, a 2-year old grabbed a handgun from his mother 's purse and, accidentally, shot his mother dead, according to the New York Times (Johnson) . This demonstrates that even a toddler, can pull the trigger of a handgun resulting death or a serious injury; just like the toddler who killed his own mother, unintentionally. Another reason why handguns should not be allowed in the hands of the people is that according to BBC News, there have been 1.4 million homicides using firearms between 1968 and 2011 ("Guns In"). This validates that so many people have died between the period and so many lives have been lost to firearms; weapons like those are extremely dangerous. Lastly, according to the Center for Diseases Control

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