Persuasive Essay On Acting Up

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There have been many cases in a high school campus environment where technology has been used to hide student and teacher affairs, as well as legal relationship with minors. There are different laws in different case scenarios depending on the crime, when it comes to charges and sentencing. Teachers however, shall suffer a greater penalty being that they are considered an authority, and on school ground. A distinction between sexting and under aged pornography should be required while undergoing a trial or prosecution to sentencing. According to law, if someone of legal age happens to obtain an affair with a minor they must register as sex offender. Most of the time they get by using technology to try to keep it quiet or a secret. Investigators first place to look when a complaint is filed is through social media and cell phones. It has been a huge discussion on how to sentence teachers for having affairs with students. Teachers however, shall suffer a greater sentence due to the fact that they educators of the state. Their jobs are to educate and uplift their students amongst them. It is one thing to have affair with a student that is a minor as a teacher, but having an affair on…show more content…
He was charged for unlawful contact with a minor for sexual purposes. This is why there should be a difference in sexting and child pornography because some individuals are just sexual predators, and get caught harassing someone. Child pornography refers to a minor conversing and agreeing to record themselves and get recorded while there are others who may be forced and threaten to be recorded. There are different cases and stages of child pornography, and the sentencing for child pornography should be a longer sentencing, then sexting
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