Persuasive Essay On Active Euthanasia

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We are often face with choices which affect our lives. Often, when faced with these choices, we find it easy to determine which option is best or right. However, in some cases, choices become tremendously difficult to make. Physician assisted suicide and active euthanasia both cause such debate, producing much conflict over whether these practices are acceptable and, if so, under what circumstances. Despite the confusion surrounding these subject, it is argued here that physician assisted suicide and active euthanasia are ethical under certain conditions and should be legalized in a manner which will allow these procedures to be carried out appropriately. There is often confusion about what physician assisted suicide and active euthanasia are. Therefore, it is important to define the terms, active euthanasia is the process in which a…show more content…
If a person is living a life which doesn 't care to live anymore. The pain, dependence on others for everything, and a prognosis without hope all will lead to end one life. The person is living under conditions which is refuses to accept. Physicians cannot cure him/her; they are unable to bring about relief for him/her except through death, which they are not allowed to provide. So, he/she is left to suffer for an unknown amount of time before the illness kills him/her, a displeasing life is no better than no life. First is that death must be considered a preferable alternative to life under a given set of circumstances. Otherwise, killing is a violation of beneficence. Second most important is require patient autonomy. A patient must have the right to determine if he or she wants to die. If patients are persuaded into euthanasia, that killed at a time when they don 't want to die, then physicians are violating the concept of nonmaleficence, which is physician must do no harm to a patient, as well as autonomy. Autonomy is essentially the ability of an individual to determine his or her actions based on his or her

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