Persuasive Essay On Adhd In Children

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Many children have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), and the amount of those children being prescribed a medication for their disorder has grown largely in the last couple of years. This caused concern to arise in doctors; some of them went as far to say that most children diagnosed and treated for ADHD are really just immature and undisciplined (Koplewicz). Even if this is untrue, they say that the children would do better if treated with alternative options. Children diagnosed with ADHD are in serious distress, but not because of bad teaching or parenting. It is because their brains work differently than others, and they need to be treated properly. Doctors should continue to treat ADHD with medications such as amphetamines and methylphenidate. One reason for this is that stimulants and medications are more successful in controlling the symptoms of ADHD than any alternative methods; also, no serious side effects have been reported by someone using these medications. Lastly, misdiagnosis will likely not occur in the care of a well trained pediatrician. Controlled scientific experiments have proved time and time again that medications are the preeminent way to help…show more content…
Some doctors are hesitant to have medication as the main way to control ADHD because it is said that many times a child is treated with medication it is wrongly prescribed. This would not happen if all pediatricians were trained correctly. “When we hear that children are being sedated or turned into zombies by ADHD medications, we know that they are not being managed competently. That is a reason to focus on improving the training of health-care professionals, not a reason to take kids off medication entirely” (Koplewicz). Children should not have to suffer just because doctors were not trained

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