Persuasive Essay On Administering Medication

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Administering medication is a fundamental role in a nurse’s daily routine in the ward. This process happens at least twice daily and on average takes up to forty percentage of nurse’s time. It is also this skill that is higher risk, it is a step that is very susceptible to errors that can lead to consequences in patient safety. Medication governance has been put in place to prevent errors and promote patient safety. However, medication errors are still recurrent and persistent. This forty percentage of time is spent by nurses giving their time, concentration, and excellent communication for their patient. Each medication must be checked and administered accurately yet promptly. It is very hard for a nurse in stress-fuelled wards to spend just…show more content…
Fatigue and distractions via doctors, patients or family members cause the daily struggle of the medication round. Rechecking can become tedious when nurses have a patient in severe pain or a patient that needs assistance. If nurses could have the facilities and time to properly prepare, recheck ‘five rights’ and administrate, this could in turn prevent distractions and reduce errors. Klinger believes devoting one ‘protected hour’ whereby a nurse is uninterrupted, no visitors are allowed in or no doctor rounds can be done. This would promote patient safety as nurses would have time to focus and concentrate on the task, improve accuracy and notice any medication faults or errors. A nurse could further protect themselves from interference by wearing a ‘do not disturb’ vest while carrying out rounds. These steps could greatly promote patient safety, reduce errors and notice mistakes. There are several causes for why medication errors occur, however a less common one can also be patient related. Some patients are prone to medication errors, it could be their characteristics, their body e.g. their immune system or even past illnesses that make susceptible to error. In these cases the nurses must use their professional judgement to ensure this drug is the right medication for the

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