Persuasive Essay On How To Build A Dog

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A puppy can add so much joy to the household that it is unimaginable. However, it is something that I would recommend only if one has the time, patience and will make, almost, as much of a commitment to raising that puppy as they would to raise their children.

A puppy is a living, breathing and sensitive creature that offers something that most humans cannot. “Unrequited Love.” It is not something that should be brought home with the thought, “If it doesn’t work out we’ll get rid of it.”Before going out to find that perfect pet.

Before going out to find that perfect pet, sit down, with your children, if they will be involved, and discuss what having a puppy will entail. This is probably the most important thing you should
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How large a dog do you want when it grows to full size? Remember a dog like a Yellow Lab, which can be a great family dog, can grow to 70 to 80 pounds and more. Can you handle a dog that size and do you have the room for him/her to run around?

What kind of dog is best suited to the family with young or infant children? Young children, yes, I know they are your little angels and can do no wrong, can be very hard on a puppy, pulling their ears or tails, hitting the dog, etc.

Think about the temperament of the dog that you will be getting. Some breeds are much more tolerant of children and will put up with a lot of abuse, whereas others do not have the patience to tolerate the kids and could be a little snappy. If you have young children, it behooves you to do your homework.Where do you go to find your new family member?

Before going anywhere, go online, research what type of dog will fit into your family. Either look into adopting a puppy from an Animal Shelter, or, if you want a specific breed, look into the specific breed rescue organizations. There is a rescue organization for almost all breeds of dogs. This way you will be saving a dogs life.Do you have the time to house break your
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