Persuasive Essay On Adoption

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Adoption Adoption is a major worldwide problem. Kids are aging out of foster care every day and don 't know what to do. There are plenty of resources available out there to help them. There are also many ways we can help. There are approximately 1,079,180 foster kids waiting to be adopted in a safe home. There are 408,000 kids in foster care every day in the US alone. 135,000 of those kids are getting adopted every year in the US. 13,000 other kids are being foreignly adopted by US citizens every year. 23,000 kids are aging out of adoption and forced to live on their own and fend for themselves. Once an eighteen-year-old is on the streets if they cant get a job, then they cant get money for food or other necessities. If they don 't have…show more content…
If the government had tighter restriction for foster homes and put more money in the foster system, they could really change how the kids, who will later be on the streets or criminals, turn out better with a family and a chance to have a better life full of opportunity. Decreasing the crime rates. “80% of males will have been arrested.” (PMMH). There are many resources like the foster care independence act of 1999 and the meet me halfway project for kids who age out of the system. Yes, they are helpful and yes, they have the right idea, but many kids don 't know about any of these programs. So who are these programs actually helping and how? The foster care independence act is helping kids who are aging out of the system, create independent living skills.”(Foster Care and Adoption Assistance) of the Social Security Act (SSA) to revise the program of grants to States for independent living programs providing education, training, employment services, and financial support for individuals between ages 16 and 18 leaving foster care for independent living.” ( It also allows extensions to the youth on Medicaid until you are twenty-one. It also increases state funding so they can further help people who need
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